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Prolonged Menstruation


What should we do for menstrual period to come ?


What do you mean exactly? Are you asking what to do if a young women hasn’t begun her menses yet? Are you asking what to do if the menses isn’t stopping? Please clarify so we can better answer you.


You can look for options in our amenorrhea section and if you are planning on utilizing acupuncture our acupuncture for amenorrhea section may be helpful. Proper diagnosis of the underlying causes is critical with this, however. You should consult directly with a skilled practitioner in your area.


I’m sorry… I’m 18 and I’m suffering from pcod… and i have hormonal imbalance… now it’s been two months i have not got my periods yet… what shall I do now


As @Chad_Dupuis mentioned acupuncture can be very effective in managing PCOD. I also recommend removing dairy, chicken, and any artificial sweeteners from your diet.


Could you please suggest from executive accu points?


The points would depend on what specific signs and symptoms you have and would factor in your overall health not just what is related to PCOD (more commonly referred to as PCOS in the US). The link Chad posted lists some of the acupuncture points that are commonly used.


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