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Problems after miscarriage 6 1/2 weeks and advanced age


Hi, I’m advanced age (41 years old) and got pregnant relatively quickly early January, but started bleeding at 6 1/2 weeks. In a scan the doctor couldn’t find a baby/sac. That day my HCG was in the 500s, then started falling after.

That and the next few periods had very large clots, so my chiropractor friend suggested blood moving and liver moving herbs and vaginal steam. I did those two months, and now started feeling very tired/lethargic and sad, so I wonder if those kinds of herbs caused a problem making me so fatigued now?

Last week I started with an acupuncturist, she said by my pulse and tongue that I have kidney and spleen deficiency.

I have been trying since the miscarriage to get pregnant again, with no results. My cycles are regular and usually about 26 days long. I’m worried if I need to seek help from western medicine now, if that is even necessary considering I apparently got pregnant on my own earlier this year? Or do I need to wait out a few months of treatment under an acupuncturist first? I don’t know what to do but feel very rushed due to my age (will be 42 later this year) so don’t want to waste time.


If your acupuncturist is correct about your diagnosis then your Chiropractor, perhaps not surprisingly, offered you the wrong herbs. If you are kd andsp deficient and used too many moving herbs that will most likely end up further increasing your deficiency. If your current acupuncturist is experienced in fertility issues and in Chinese herbal medicine, then I would give him/her 3-4 months before I even remotely consider western options.

The only exception to this would be if there is something verifiable wrong that western medicine can possibly aid more quickly than can be done in Chinese Medicine (for example, wildly low hormone levels, structural impediments that make IUI possibly more feasible, etc.).

Keep in mind that western options are in no way shape or form 100% or even 60% so it’s not really an either/or decision. You may easily get nowhere with western medicine. For some a combination approach may be appropriate, but any practitioner who has worked with fertility for a considerable amount of time should be able to guide you towards that decision as it would be based on a more detailed analysis of your medical history and current signs and symptoms.


Thank you! Yes, the chiro did not check me in person, I only described main symptoms for which she recommending the moving herbs. After 6 weeks of those, I started feeling fatigued and now am so tired in the mornings.

My acupuncturist does work in fertility and was schooled in China. So I think I trust her on the diagnosis.

The main reason I ask about western intervention is because that’s what I used to conceive my previous children (Clomid), but this was over a decade ago and my cycles were completely different then (worse – 40+ day cycles with scanty brown blood). Now my cycles are closer to a normal length and the blood is actually red, so I wasn’t sure if Clomid would work again like it did before (also due to my age now).

My main concern right now is age, is conceiving/carrying at age 41/42 significantly more difficult than in the late 30s for example? This is why I feel impatient and want to do anything I can right now.


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