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Primary hyperparathyroidism


I have a patient who will be undergoing surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism. She has a parathyroid adenoma. At this point she is tired, depressed, muscle achy and generally not feeling well. Shen is dull, I will finish her exam this evening. Any suggestions? Is it ok to use regular energy points, i.e. ST 36 in this situation of excess calcium?


From a standard TCM point of view, yes, it would be appropriate to use more tonifying points such as ST 36 along with other points as appropriate for her condition.

Within the Tam Healing system I use, we would use massage and/or needling as appropriate on the huatuo points of C6, C7 for the nerves innervating the thyroid/parathyroid, huatuo of T1 for the bone marrow/calcium balance, SI 16 to facilitate circulation to and from the brain (sky-window point) and GV 22 to regulate the hypothalamus (hormones, metabolism, etc.).

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