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Primary Aldosteronism



My both adrenal gland very active and producing too much of hormones. specifically, aldosterone production is high. I’m taking medication for it to control blood pressure and potassium level.

Although, medication is helping me but looking natural solution. Would acupuncture help to cure my primary aldosteronism?



While I can’t go so far as to say acupuncture will cure it I can say acupuncture can certainly help possibly to the point of completely eliminating your symptoms. Depending on how long this has been going on for would in part dictate how long the course of treatment would be but in all likelihood you’d need to go for a few months. And it is also likely that the practitioner you see might also include some herbal therapy in your treatment.


Thank you for responding quickly.

Your solution and suggestion does make sense. When I see acupuncture practitioner, any suggestion how to approach on this or any pointers?



Those are questions your acupuncturist can ask us, ideally. Technically what bases the foundation of our treatments is your individualized Chinese Medicine diagnosis (see “treating the cause and not the symptoms” for more on that). So, only your practitioner will know what that is and if they are in need of guidance on point protocols, they can certainly ask us. Generally speaking the base protocols for approaching hormonal issues are well understood by an properly trained practitioner.


Thank you and will visit practitioner.


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