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Preventatives and treatment for COVID 19

I was just reading about this new coronavirus and wanting to be prepared should it spread to my area. I would like to have some formulas ready for my clients. It seems the symptoms are dry cough, fever, and possibly shortness of breath. I have Yin Qiao on hand. Wondering about Shuang Huang lian - Jin yin hua , Huang Qin, Lian Qiao. Any thoughts anyone?

Shuang Huang Lian is at least what people in China were panic buying and seems a good fit symptoms wise. Reports from TCM doctors within China have been calling it more of a cold damp condition generally.

Personally with many of the illnesses lately I’ve been using variants of xiao chai hu tang along with more ~symptomatic~/pattern driven formulas added - so perhaps xiao chai hu tang with gan mao ling. Even in early onset, at least in our area, I’ve found formulas such as yin qiao, gan mao ling, etc. on their own - even when they fit pattern wise - limited in effectiveness unless used with other deeper formulas and at reasonably high amounts compared to what I would usually use. Personally I attribute much of this to strongly variable weather conditions over the last couple years.

Apparently some practitioners in China are using Qing Fei Jie Du Tang which is similar herbally to some of the combinations I’ve been creating that included xiao chai hu tang.

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I just read this article about a formula that seems to be working in China.

I think this may be the formula you were talking about that is being used in China.
Qingfei Paidutang.

Is this the same as Qing Fei Jie du tang?

After reviewing this formula and Gan Mao Ling, I am wondering why Gan Mao Ling would be necessary. Would you tell me your thinking about that?

It might not be for the coronavirus, I was speaking more about what I’ve seen locally, particularly in the last two years. It seems that combinations like what I described are required to both treat deeply and release the exterior at the same time - maybe because they go deeper faster, maybe because of wildly changing weather patterns, maybe because they are both bacterial and viral issues at the same time that the formulas individually cannot deal with. I’m not really sure, but I’ve seen way too many people that didn’t respond without approaches like what I described.

If (when?) the coronavirus starts showing up in my area, I will hopefully be able to find out very quickly what is helpful, but I suspect we are not too far off track theory wise and clinical response wise at this point.

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I’ve added a covid-19 herbal medicine treatment guide on our blog with some viable approaches based on theory, what they were doing in China, consultations with my herbal colleagues and what we’ve been able to observe clinically.

Hello Chad, I wanted to know if Tom Tam have developed a Tong Ren protocol for coronavirus? If not what are the things to do if a person is infected with the disease? Thank you very much for your answers :pray:

For covid-19 prevention the general concept is to enhance immune and gut function - I’m not entirely sure what Tom is doing, but I’ve been working on the huatuo points of T1,2,3, T7 and L4, L5, ST 36 and then charging CV 12 + CV 6 (qi gong, laser, tapping, whatever). So a treatment would be along the lines of [](UB 13)r, [](UB 9)bilaterally, [](GB 20)bilaterally, then the the huatuo’s of T1,2,3, T7, L4, L5, then down to [](ST 36)bilaterally and then finished with [](CV 12) and [](CV 6) Covid-19 seems to be particularly responsive in people with higher amounts of gut modulated inflammation generally (a draw from a mix of western and eastern concepts from what treatments were working in China).

While I didn’t get into tong ren specifics in the article, I also have a general prevention post on my blog “Chinese Medicine lifestyle and herbal approaches to the coronavirus”.

Thanks a lot Chad :pray:
Have a good day

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