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Pressure sores - 1 on each hip

Can anyone help me? A friend in her late thirties suffered a severe spinal injury, resulting in loss of mobility below her waist. She has 2 large open ‘bed’ or ‘pressure’ sores. The mainstream doctors have made no improvements and do not hold out much hope for her because the sores are not reducing. Can anyone tell me of a healing application - naturopathic or TCM - which is known to help resolve this condition? We would most grateful for any advice that could improve this young woman’s chances of survival. Thank you - Regan

It is always best to try to consult with a licensed acupuncturist who also practices herbal medicine locally as there is much that can be done. A likely significant part of most practitioners approaches would be the use of yunnan baiyao.

This herbal formula/powder has both internal and external applications primarily revolved around open sores/bleeding. Here is a study that discusses some of -how- it helps bed sores - the -that- it helps is generally already well understood.

One thing that may bring some relief and prevent further pressure sores from developing is to use an egg crate foam mattress directly under the patient. I used this with one of my patients who had developed bed sores on her ankles. Can purchase off of Amazon.
Also, to give the sores a chance to heal, I applied a healing liniment like comfrey and gently covered it with a soft covering. That way the tissue is being protected from further abrasion. The egg crate foam mattress was the major factor in healing her sores. I found that with daily care the wounds were able to heal.

There is a herb called dragons blood tincture, it is a dark red viscous latex resin dissolved in alcohol, it works topically to dry wounds and provides a powerfully antibacterial effect. It has a remarkable ability to resolve ulcerated wounds that occur in the tropics

While it certainly has been used over very long periods of time for a range of ailments there is only one published case study that I could find of its efficacy for bed sores particularly.

While you should never take anything from wikipedia at face value, the following is of note:

" Locals of Moomy city on Socotra island use the Dracaena resin as a sort of cure-all, using it for such things as general wound healing, a coagulant (though this is ill-advised with commercial products, as the Daemonorops species acts as an anti-coagulant[6] and it is usually unknown what species the dragon’s blood came from), curing diarrhea, lowering fevers, dysentery diseases, taken internally for ulcers in the mouth, throat, intestines and stomach, as well as an antiviral for respiratory viruses, stomach viruses and for skin disorders such as eczema. It was also used in medieval ritual magic and alchemy."

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