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Pressure points on head

I am 50. I am a yoga instructor. I am striving to be healthy and well. I have hyper-flexibility in my hips and suffer from chronic pain in them. I also seem to have a specific pain point on my scalp./head. According to your chart this pain is located on #19 area. Lower back right side of head. I am under the care of a physical therapist and acupuncturist but nothing seems to help my pain except lack of sugar and alcohol. Am I answering my own question? Does this pain correlate to my hips? I suppose that’s my actual question.

I believe you did answer your own question to a degree. Many people (most?) have a strong inflammatory response to sugar, alcohol and in some cases carbs generally. And, while your hips may have some true structural issues, this inflammation when activated will likely be directed towards the areas of actual imbalance.

Points wise, I’m assuming you are talking about GV 19 - generally a single point and sensitivity there is not that full of meaning. Along the acupuncture lines though, it is generally immensely helpful with pain related issues so I would consider finding another practitioner if you’ve done more than 5-7 treatments with your current one with no or limited results. Ideally find a practitioner who also practices tuina (chinese medical massage) as, in my opinion, they tend to be better rounded practitioners.

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Thank you for the response. My practitioner does tuina and it leaves me nearly unable to move or walk after. It’s difficult to gather the courage for more. Deep tissue massage does the same. Ugh. No sugar it is I guess. Thanks again.

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