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Premature Ovarian Failure


I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure 5 years ago at age 31. I’ve tried acupuncture with a liquid herb, 1 year ago without success. I am still interested in trying it again, but with Chinese herb in pill form. Is there a general Chinese herb combination recommened to help reverse or cure Premature Ovarian Failure?


There are many, but the best combination will be regular acupuncture and properly prescribed herbal formulas which will likely change over time. Give your practitioner 3-5 months of regular treatment. See “treating the cause and not the symptoms” and “how to choose an herbal formula” for reasons why there isn’t a formula for each condition (i.e. why there isn’t a cookie cutter answer we can provide to you).

You might find the blog article I wrote entitled “Study Finds Acupuncture Effective For Premature Ovarian Failure” an interesting read as far as getting an idea of the potential of acupuncture.


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