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Pregnant Women and Herbs


Hello TCM Colleagues,

I have a pregnant patient, 4 months, wanting a general tonic and has fatigue. Would Ba Zhen Tang be appropriate?

Also, are there any herb books that focus on pregnant women? There are so many herbal formulas that they can not take, but there must be some that are safe???

Thank you,



Ba Zhen Tang is for spleen & stomach Qi and blood deficiency, also good for pregnant patient.

Use river or lake fish such as perch together boil with Ba Zhen Tang will more good to eat to tonify body.


Generally speaking, just as with the cautioned acupuncture points, you want to avoid herbs with strongly dispersive and/or descending actions on the body and most formulas that are strengthening are ok with a few exceptions. The Giovanni text "Obstetrics and Gynecology" is probably one of the better texts to discuss acupuncture and herbal treatments for women generally with large sections discussing issues during pregnancy. All of the herbal texts, personally I like the Chen text "Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications" have all the appropriate contraindications listed as does our site (which you can search the herbal database for) (i.e. see Ba Zhen Wan page).


I checked the herbal database on the site, but didn&#39t find the same product. I wanted to make sure Xiao Yao Pian will be safe during pregnancy (not that I&#39m pregnant yet...just planning ahead).

Similarly named products listed mentioned good for infertility & other female things, so it implies that it&#39s ok. Just wanted to check.

Thanks & have a great day! --Maria


Please read the Xiao Yao Wan page. If you are saying the formulas are not the same you should note that pian means tablet, wan means ball (or formula generally), san can be used for formula generally or tea... In general though, if you are not fully trained in Chinese Medicine **you should not be treating yourself** even if the herbs seems to be a good fit, particularly if you are (or want to be, or might be) pregnant. Work with a doctor of Chinese Medicine, not only will it be safer, but you will more than likely get better results.


I woudl use Ba Zhen Tang during pregnancy. I also like Liu Jun Zi Tang to support spleen qi during pregnancy. It&#39s also important to make sure that your patient is taking folic acid and a good quality fish oil throughout the pregnancy. Lastly, it&#39s important to encourage your patient to get lots of sleep during her pregnancy, especially early on. The cellular procesese that are going on in the body are exhausting and extra sleep is helpful to support these processes.

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