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Pregnancy Back Pain


I have a pregnant patient coming into see me this week. She is experiencing upper and lower back pain, and extremely tired feet. Does anyone have any points they like to use for treating these ailments. Treating pregnant women can be limiting, and I am not sure where to start.


Generally this is really common and you shouldn’t overthink treating a pregnant woman. For the most part you treat them just like you would anyone else, minus certain points, certain herbal formulas and with less downward moving tuina techniques. So you start, as with any patient, considering their overall diagnosis (spleen deficient, yang deficient, etc.) and treat that adjusting techniques and point choices appropriately.

Now I’m assuming you are talking about someone in their 3rd trimester as that is the most common time for back pain. For that the easiest starting point would be to read my acupuncture for 3rd trimester section which has a part on back pain.


Thanks for the feed back! That is very reassuring. Also I read up on your write up, good stuff!


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