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Pregnancy and Crohn



I have a patient, female, 41, crohn - no attacks in last 10 years (she's on special balanced diet). She would like to get into pregnancy now for the first time. The diagnosis on her is liver qi stagnation, spleen qi deficiency, lu qi deficiency, liver blood deficiency. Period: dark blood, some bleeding. She said gynecologist said everything was ok. BMI 25. Blood test including liver and kidneys function was ok. Pulse: wirey.

She asked me to prepare her to this pregnancy.

Please consult me.

Thank you.


For pregnancy: no needle on abdomen and Low Back area and other strong sensitive feeling points, special on Li4, Sp6, Ub60, 67, these points are forbident for pregnancy women, she better after birth the baby then do treatment.


As an acupuncturist, I would just treat what I see, that is her qi stagnation and various deficiencies. I work extensively with women trying to get pregnant, or who are already pregnant. It seems to me her body is too depleted to consider conception, and if you work on her consitution, she will be more likely to become pregnant by natural means.

At the moment, in her non-pregnant state, there is no need to consider forbidden points off the list. Some of those points will be essential for restoring spleen qi, for example.

I think she would need weekly treatments for at least three months, to help restore good quality blood, and allow her syndromes to resolve. If you do that, and she is not yet pregnant, come back to here and we will take it to the next level.

Good luck, and don&#39t forget - just be an acupuncturist and treat what you see!

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