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Pre diabetes symptoms


I am ready to buy from TCM herbal medicines, May I ask you a question about, My problem with blood sugar is especially on night ,for example morning is about 200mg and before lunch is 120-140 mg .and the glycosylated hemoglobin is on limit pre diabetes am 1.69 High and 71 kg cholesterol ok ,and i don’t take any medicines expect herbs and i am 56 years Pls advice which Herbal medicines you advice before I order.
Thanks and best regards


We don’t advise you take anything without the consultation of a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area. Without being read as just dismissive, this is because Chinese Medicine does not treat conditions (i.e. diabetes), instead we treat patterns - for more on this read “What Does Acupuncture Treat?”. Herbal formulas are chosen primarily based on pattern diagnosis, not on symptoms. Some of the potential patterns for diabetes are found in our natural treatment options for diabetes page. That page includes possible herbal formulas, but, again, these would be matched to your pattern at this point in time and could very likely change over the course of treatment (i.e. what works well for you now, may not be best for you after 3 months, for example).


ok Thanks I understand your advice ,but 10 years now I am with herbal tr, walking and I am feeling fine. Our doctors here they doesn’t know about herbs they recommend metformin ,glougofage, or insulin. I used to buy from TCM herbs before few years but I stopped for some reasons ,and I want again to start with and I need help to choose …
Thanks again for your attention.

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