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Practice name suggestions?


I want tot start my own acupuncture practice (in the Netherlands) in the end of the year/beginnng next year, maybe in the futures also herbs. And I find it difficult tot find a name…I tought, maybe do you have some inspiration…I love names, with meaning. English and chinese/Japanse namens are welcome, A funny twist, maybe also an option…
Any idees are welcome.


First I’d suggest that if you are not already familiar with the culture there that you should look into it. Something that might sound funny or interesting in one culture may be insulting in another so that’s something you’ll want to avoid. The next step I’d do is to look at other practice names in the area, maybe it’ll give you some hint for a name of your own and also helps you avoid picking a name and then finding it’s already been used.


That is exactly what I did. I want to be original and yes indeed, not insulting. I prefer an English name, because most “dutch” people speak English and it is more international (we have a lot of cultures in our country). An other thing is using my own name. But my name is long, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing to do. So I thought a lot about it, but didn’t find THE one yet. The domain .nl must also be free to use, so that makes it a little bit more difficult. So any ideas are still welcome :wink:.


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