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Postmenopausal Period


Can acupuncture bring on a period in someone who is postmenopausal? I am 50 years old and have not had a period in exactly 2 years. I started acupuncture 3 months ago and got a very light period yesterday. I felt myself ovulate 2 weeks ago and had all the usual period symptoms…breast tenderness, slight cramping, slight headache.


Yes, most certainly. It happens fairly often.


Thank you for your response. I have an appointment to see my doctor, as when I called, they said any bleeding after menopause needs evaluation, but I am relieved that it is something seen fairly often in acupuncture. My goal for acupuncture was to address migraines, but I do understand that it helps overall well being which made me wonder if there might be a connection.

Would love to hear other folks share their experience with postmenopausal periods as related to acupuncture.

Thanks again!


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