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Post nasal drip, Sphincter muscle congested, SNEEZING! for 3 months now!


I am interested in buying Chinese Herbs for my condition.
I have not used them before, so have no idea which is what? I have tried the Chinese Herb list, but I cant find an answer either. Any ideas please?


You should rarely, if ever, use Chinese herbal medicine without consultation with a licensed acupuncturist first. Most of the common formulas for this range of conditions are listed on our sinusitis page. But proper treatment, requires proper diagnosis and that comes from discussion, looking at your medical history, and looking at physical diagnostic signs besides just your main complaints (more on this read “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”).

Dietary change and other self-help techniques may also be appropriate, some ideas for this are discussed in our general lung system article - “My lungs are what?” and in “Self-Help, Acupressure and Acupuncture For Seasonal Allergy Relief”.


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