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Post laparoscopy surgery treatment for endometriosis


I have a client who just have a laparoscopy surgery for endometiosis(stage 4-very advance). The surgery went well and she is now want to be treated for fertility issue with acupuncture. How soon can I treat her? The surgery site is still bruised (purple red colour), and is warm to the touch. I think there is still inflamation inside her stomach, should I use cold or heat pack to put over the area? I know that I should use cold to slow down the inflamation, but don't we want to keep her uterus warm for treating fertility? Also I think of using the general point for the first weeks to balance out until she has her period. I would use Sp6, Sp9, Liv 3, St 36, LI 11 and moxa over Ren 2, Ren 3. Will this treatment work for her?


I would let her and her doctor consult about how best to treat the surgery site. For you, you should feel no issue treating her now with acupuncture, you may simply need to modify some points due to the surgical procedures.

I would recommend that you first read through my acupuncture treatment for infertility pages. I cannot comment on the points you listed above without a corresponding TCM diagnosis based on her overall set of signs and symptoms. The article, however, should point you in the right general direction.

With regards to the scarring from surgery, in most cases you can needle around the scar to stimulate the micro circulation and speed healing. Some practitioners use what is called the "turtle method" where you needle near the top of the scar, the bottom, and then a few needles on either side. You can read about this technique within my thread moxa section.


Your point selection looks like a good start. I am someone who not only specializes in treating endometriosis and infertility, but I've also gone through surgery for endometriosis myself. I would encourage you to include both the Chong Mai and Ren Mai in your point selection, along with points relevant to your differential diagnosis. I've found the Chong and Ren to work very well together to treat both of these conditions, since they tie the Kidney, Liver, Heart, Blood and Yin so beautifully together. I've found them to be relevant in almost all cases of endometriosis and infertility, because of their regulating AND tonifying effects. Hope that helps!

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