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Post brain stroke upper limb

one of patient age 44 male, suffering with rt sided brain stroke 2 yrs back n had flacid left side of upper n lower limb with accupunture was able to get back left lower limb movements but he did not get upper limb movements so need guidance regarding this

It would be helpful if you posted what your current approach is (points, techniques, etc.) along with your basic theoretical reasoning for choosing those points/techniques and we can likely provide guidance from there… Also include how often you’ve been treating the patient, etc.

points which i was giving him were du 20.gb31,34,sp6,st 36,si 3, pc6,sp10. liv2 n the patient had an infarct in the brain

I would start by looking through our acupuncture for stroke section and trying to fine tune your diagnosis and approach in TCM terms.

Personally I first choose a selection of points based on the patients diagnosis in TCM terms, then balance those with our approaches from the tam healing system which we use - tam healing points for stroke.

There are also extensive approaches using scalp acupuncture, possibilities of using bloodletting partially relevant research here as an example, and cupping, tuina and/or moxibustion.

What direction you choose to go would be based on your training, but most importantly on the patients diagnosis in TCM terms first and foremost (instead of generalized approaches for stroke recovery).

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