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Positive feelings



I can see how acupuncture and acupressure can reduce negative emotions but are there any points that induce more positive emotions and a positive mind set

any feedback will be much appreciated


They are one in the same. Acupuncture/acupressure fosters the natural tendencies of the body towards equilibrium. Depressed mood comes from certain brain chemical levels (and other factors) and an anxious state from different levels. If you look at most of the acupuncture points which help with depression or anxiety they are the same. They simply promote the bodies ability to balance it&#39s own chemistry.

With that said, the frontal lobe of the brain is largely in control of these feelings as well as feelings of self-worth, compassion for others, etc. From meditation studies we know that a person can physically change the size of the frontal lobe through meditation, for example, and that this leads to greater awareness of themselves and others and better emotional control. From studies of this nature we can deduce that acupuncture, massage, etc. can be used to facilitate this type of growth as well. In the Tam Healing System we largely focus on the point GB 13 (frontal lobe) and the huatuo of C2 (nerves that innervate the frontal lobe area) to build and maintain mood. Another point we use at times is GV 19 which balances the sensory cortex.


Negative emotions are reduced by points like LV3, which eases anger. P6, on the other hand, both reduces anxiety and promotes a calm spirit. Overall what these points really do is BALANCe the emotions, reducing negative ones and promoting positive ones at the same time.


Here&#39s a way to shift what we refer to as "negative" emotions to positive ones that doesn&#39t require needling any points. When you become aware of an emotion that is causing distress, focus on locating that emotion energetically within your body. This is done by dropping your attention below the neck. When you find that energy - it might feel like pressure, discomfort, or just a sensation you become aware of. Or you might notice an intensification of whatever emotion you&#39ve noticed. Just stay connected to it without trying to interpret it, discover its origins, or justify it. Just allow yourself to experience the emotion as energy. Within seconds you will probably notice a lessening of the discomfort and a lifting of your mood.

You can use this method to bring relief wherever you happen to be when you notice you are not feeling as positive as you&#39d like. The key is to actually allow yoruself to feel the emotion as energy. Our natural tendency is to resist that experience, which will hold the energy in place. Our additional (trained) tendency, to analyze and justify and explain how we feel acts like a nail to hold that emotion in place.

I&#39ve come to consider emotions as energy that just wants to be freed to return to the universe. It&#39s like a book borrowed from the library. You already have the information. Now it&#39s time to return the information (energy) to the source from which it was borrowed (the universe). Otherwise there will be a fine - often in the form of somatic pain, illness, or injury.

This approach is a nutshell description of the Sedona Method. It is one of many tools that can be applied to enhance well-being. The more this method is practiced the lighter one begins to feel, and the less bothered by everyday occurences over which one has no jurisdiction.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a way to use acupressure directly with the intention of tranforming emotions (or physical pain). It involves tapping on a series of acupuncture points, which are at the ends of the meridians. As others have stated here, the tapping acts to open blockages and balance vital energy. This in turn allows the body to balance brain chemicals, blood sugar, and the other physiological aspects that contribute to emotional imbalances and the blockages that manifest as pain and less than optimal functioning. There are many sites giving information on EFT, including a map of which points to tap on. Early on as EFT was being developed these points were given names related to their location, rather than being referenced by the traditional means associated with the meridian name and the number of the point. Unfortunately that has made it less obvious how EFT relates to acupuncture and acupressure. Here is a link to one web-based set of instructions and map of the points used in EFT found on Carol Look&#39s website: http://cdn.attractingabundance... There are many others.


The forehead, in the indentation just above the eyebrows, is the location of liver neurovascular reflex points. Thus when the palm of the hand is placed over the forehead an impulse sends more blood supply to the liver. It is the liver that must process the energy of emotions, hormones, as well as physical and energetic toxins. Thus holding the hand on the forehead while focusing on whatever causes distress helps the body to process the associated energy. If you keep your focus on the distressing situation and hold this pose until you feel a strong pulse, you will neutralize the issue and it should no longer be a problem.

Holding the main neurovasculars, which is another name for the liver neurovascular reflex points, also bring more blood supply from the hind brain, activated in the fight or flight response, to the forebrain, where it is easier to consider the situation calmly and rationally.

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