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a patient got the news that she suffers from polycythemia. Too much red bloodcells which causes amongst others an enlarged spleen. Her abdomen has swollen a lot. In order to try to help her with shiatsu I was thinking about points to decrease the viscosity of the blood e.g. Li 3, St 36, UB 17 and PC 6. What is your idea? Of course she went to a doctor and the shiatsu is only ment to support her, not with the idea that shiatsu will cure her.



Polycythemia is belong to TCM bood stasis disease, most is because of Live yang up or fire up with yin deficincy, use tonify Points: K7, 10, use sedate points: Lv1,3, and moxa St36, Sp3, and self point massage with strong stimulate point: Lv2.


Thank you! I will work on these points.



I do treat her with the indicated points. During 8 times she has now to give 500 ml blood every time. Her abdomen is not so swollen as it was, so she is making progress, but ..... her skin is so itchy especially when taking a shower that it is really killing her. Do you have an advice?



For itchy skin use sedate Sp10.

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