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Polycystic ovaries


pls help with the treatment formulary for the pateint with polycystic ovaries.


leukaria -whitish yellowish disharge with ordour


but not overweight actually under weight 45kgs only.

she had cyst in both ovaries 2years back and the latest test around 3months back shows tiny cysts in only one ovary.

guide me..


Tongue, pulse, relevant symptoms? What is your overall diagnosis so far? What have you tried, for how long and with what result?


diagnosis ;

toungue ; whitie yellowish coat.

pulse ; rapid

present treatment for leukerria going on;

points used;

tw 2,3,k2,14,sp5,6,9,15, ren 3,6. gb26,27,liv5. white discharge quantity reduced drastically.

have to start treatment for pco.


When practitioners say they are treating "x" in your case leukorrhea and then say they need to "start a treatment for x" I get confused. Acupuncture does not treat "conditions" - properly applied you find one pattern (or multiple patterns in some cases) that are driving the symptoms/conditions and you treat that and only that. In other words, in this case you resolve the damp heat (which can end up as leukorrhea, pcos, and any number of other condtiions) and all of the symptoms/conditions should resolve appropriately.

Generally the points that are appropriate for dampness related diabetes are a good start to devising an overall solution. If you look those over and those on the acupuncture for leukorrhea sheet you should be able to come up with a good protocol.


Hi Nilesh,

Based off of the information provided I am taking a guess and saying she has Spleen and Kidney Qi deficiency with damp heat retention.

Acupuncture points I would do:

SP9, ST40, SP6, Ren4, Ren6, ST25, ST36, LU7, KD3

Lifestyle adjustments:

Women with PCOS have a strong sensativity to sugary foods that increases insulin. I would recommend avoiding processed foods, and carbs in general. Of course avoid damp forming foods, and heat foods.

It will be very important for her to track her Basal Body Temperature to find out how long her follicular phases/ovulation/luteal phases are. This will provide extremely important information for you as the practicioner.


I would modify Ping Wei San

Hope this gives you another point of view!

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