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Polycystic liver


I have PKD - have been on a wailing list as liver has hundreds which cause infections.
I wish to have herbs to shrink cysts
Liver function is ok
Have had a lot of complications but DO NOT want to have a transplant.
However I am worried about toxicity of herbs


In all honesty any toxicity of herbs is a non-issue when properly prescribed - you have roughly the same level of issues eating a carrot depending on where it was grown.

But to obtain treatment with issues that are fairly serious like yours you need to consult directly with a practitioner. Chinese Medicine in many ways excels at liver conditions, but treatment needs to be tailored directly to you and not just some generality about what is happening now (see “treat the root and not the symptoms” for more). I strongly recommend you quickly find an acupuncturist in your area who also practices Chinese herbal medicine and given them 3-5 months.


Thankyou - can she contact you if she needs to know exact herbs as I am seeing one here in Tanunda, South Australia


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