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Poison Oak



Very simple question: What can you do for the rash, blistering, itch etc of poison oak?




I usually use the homeopathic version of tecnu, "tecnu extreme" along with Xiao Feng Wan. Bloodletting with or without cupping may also be used (usually in more serious cases).


I did not know there was a homeopathic version of Technu. Normal Technu doesn&#39t have any homeopathics in it, just surfactant that would wash away the oils. It is good know there is a homepathic version now. Although, the ingredients do not even list Rhus Tox, which is for poison Ivy. (That is what I usually recommend. )


I have succesully used copitits tincuture. You could probably dissolve the tablets in water and use that. I scrub the area really well in hot shower to release oils then apply the Coptitis directly to the area. Works great.

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