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Points to treat minor injury in cheek bone


Submitted By: Vidhya ghopu

Sir, Two days before I fell down and my cheek bone got minor damage with pain and swollen cheek.what are the points to treat such minor injury? I didn't take xray for fracture. Do i need to consult doctor?


Yes, you need a xray check. If there is no fracture, you can put some herb patches(such as:... Zhi Tong Gao) or herb oil ( such as: Hong Hua You) on the hurt area to stop pain.


Thanks sir for ur kind advice . I checked with an ortho specialist who examined physically and stated that there s only a very minute crack in the bone superficially occured due the force of fall and no fracture.Now swelling reduced but tere s a black blood clot under the skin.I am applying hot bag to move blood stagnation .

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