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Points for gum bleeding


Dear sir/madam,

I treat my patient who is suffering from writer's cramp and gum bleedings. Now he is successfully recovered from writer's cramp by acupuncture treatment. But I could not succeed to stop gum bleedings. My patient is fully faith on acupuncture after recovered from writer's cramp. Will you please suggest acupuncture points to recover?

Yours faithfully



There is a simple but HIGHY effective way to help your patient that doesn&#39t include acupuncture. An ancient practice of Oil Pulling.

There are a lot of sites dedicated to it, bassicly what you do is take a spoon of cold pressed sunflower oil early in the morning, as soon as you wake up, before you eat or drink anything and you swish it around the mouth for 15-20 minutes, it should go trough all gums, teeth etc.

It is said that if a person does oil pulling, they will never suffer from bad teeth and/or teeth related problems. If oil pulling was tought at school there would be no need for dentists and many major health issues would be stopped because root canals and mercury fillings are very very bad.

Spread the word :) Have faith :) Try it!


Forgot to say.. How does it work? Well entire mouth is filled with acu points and the oil swishing stimulates those points and also expels toxins trough the mouth and tongue.

The oil is spited in the toalet after 15-20 minutes and it is said that it contains all sort of body poisons, bacteria, parasite larvas etc etc.


Li4, 20, St4,6,7, Ub17. The patient should take VitaminC(daily) also.

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