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Points for dry skin

What would be some good points to treat dry skin?

My main problem is dry heat, as I also have a very dry mouth… my skin gets a little bit better after using Sanogel / Enterosgel (I think this helps just put all the internal organs in balance) and milk thistle extract…

But I was wondering if there are specific points I can stimulate to help with dry skin.
I’m currently using the acupuncture pen… definitely not as effective as acupuncture, but more than acupressure alone I feel.

Some of the more common points for each pattern are listed within each patterns page on our theory site. Likely related - kidney yin deficiency and/or liver blood deficiency.

A common base pairing for yin deficiency would be LU 7 and KD 6.

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thank you! Will try those two couple of times per week.

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