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Pointer excel II


hi, I bought pointer excel II for myself, so far this machine is pretty good and i quite accurate. it locates points and then stimulate them with electrical current.

I have several questions about it and I hope some of you are familiar with this thing.

Are there books that can help me learn better how to use it?
Is this thing safe? I mean can it cause damage by overstimulating points?


All i can tell you is that one should use strong electric currents with caution. They put much larger energies in the body than normal, oftenly leading to electrolysis.

I am not sure if that unit has an option for micro current, that one is safer in general, but i guess everything depends on your condition and type of teachings in TCM.


I think this machine is for ear points locator. It is not for body meridians points locator.


Feng is correct, these are generally used for auricular stimulation although it can be used on the body as well but the stimulation works best in the ear. The best book for lay people with regards to this type of treatment is the auriculotherapy manual from Terry Oleson (who himself is not an acupuncturist so the treatments all involve electrical stimulation).<img alt="" class="pictureframe" src="/sites/" style="float: left; width: 77px; height: 110px; "/>


I think if you are already a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, you would know the answer to this.

If you are not a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, then please go and see one.

We all accept that we should only take most medications if prescribed by a registered professional. We agree that doing sugery on ourselves (or, even, other people) is not a good idea and best left to the professionals. Why would we think that Chinese Medicine is any different?

By all means take responsibility for your health, and do not be a passive recipient but, you need a diagnosis and treatment schedule to be drawn up by someone who knows what they are doing. A good practitioner will work with you and help you understand your body, so you can treat it with the respect it deserves.

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