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Point memorization techniques - acupuncture students


What methods do you use to memorize point indications, locations and functions? Thanks.


I think it really depends on your learning style (i.e. visual, physical, verbal, etc.). I’m fairly visual but memorize well by typing, so for me I memorized the points by creating the pages that would become the early versions of this website.

For others that wouldn’t work at all and they would need to work in groups and physically palpate the points over and over and have discussions about them.

For others just they can record themselves reading their index cards and just walk around with headphones on and burn them into your brain.

I think the place to start is to figure out how you learn/memorize best (i.e. your base) and then just find a way to make this information fit well into those mechanisms. Otherwise you will be fighting yourself and that’s not what the balance sought by practitioners of Chinese Medicine is all about (i.e. treat the root, not the symptoms and work with the body/nature and not against it).

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