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Plum blossom and alopecia


plum blossom - my new favourite needle!

wondering how people have used it to treat alopecia, and success rates?


Yes, the plum blossom needle is a useful tool. It can be used for alopecia and other conditions. For success rates the following study should give you an idea of the potential. In this study they used plum blossom needling with moxibustion - there was also another study which used plum blossom needling and then rubbed the area with ginger root slices. The Ginger root study had a total effective rate fo 97.5%.

Zhang Qiao-ling1 Contact Information, Fu Xiao-hong1, Ying Xiao-jian1 and Li Li-ping1

(1) Lishui Municipal People Hospital, 323000 Zhejiang, China

Abstract Fifty-three patients with alopecia areata were treated by plum-blossom needles tapping and mild moxibustion of the focus and 54 cases taking Bozhi tablets orally were considered as a control group. The total effective rates were 96.2% and 70.4 respectively after 3-course’s treatment.


Hi Chad.....

I am an acupuncture student in NY. I read your comments and would like to know where would I find the study you mentioned on plum blossom needling and ginger root. I have something called scaring alopecia and want to see if this method might help this form of alopecia also.

Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.

Trudy C


I believe that study was published in Chinese so you may or may not be able to read anything other than the abstract I posted. This study (and most others) can be found on If you search pubmed for "plum blossom" you should find it.



Thank you.........

Trudy C

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