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Pls help with a tongue diagnosis with pic


pls your tongue diagnosis page - help with a tongue diagnosis with pic tq all theory is good but how to easy look the tongue diagnosis pls give more n more pic sample for every toungue anallyses for easy understand what that mean is ? tq


I have long thought of adding a tongue diagnosis gallery, but it is a time consuming process to do it in a useful way and involves participation of many patients as well. Ideally, there would be multiple practitioners involved to get a good amount of data.

That said, pictures are only so useful. There is still something quite different between a live in person tongue and a picture. So, as with most things in Chinese Medicine, it simply takes years of instruction and many more years of clinical experience to get useful and accurate information from the tongue.

The following two texts contain far more details than our site and many pages of pictures:

Both are fairly useful texts.


Yes, Giovanni Maciocia is world renowned for his tongue diagnosis. His books are a great place to start.


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