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Please suggest Accupuncture points for ring worm


Hi , I’m a TCM student I’m having ringworm on my shoulders, abdomen and back from 6 months please suggest me the effective accu points with definition because it will help me to treat other patients also . Waiting for the reply.


As you are a student, the first people to ask would be your teachers. Then the one that helps you both successfully treat your issue and can explain why they did what they did you should stay with them for many years.

Your question as it is asked is unanswerable because acupuncture does not treat -conditions/symptoms- (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”). So, first, you come up with your Chinese Medicine diagnosis both in terms of you as an individual and in terms of the issues are are facing and then you base your treatment off of that. Most cases of ring worm have some aspect of damp-heat involvement, but not in every case (say if someone has deep blood deficiency). This is extremely important as ringworm is not that difficult to treat, but the treatment could make other issues worse or turn a one off issue into a chronic problem if it is not based appropriately on the persons individual tcm diagnosis.

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