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Please share few points to disolve GB stone



I will be really greatfull, if you can share best points to disolve GB stone. If you can suggest Yin Yang Points and magnets(sedation/tonification) will be really helpfull.


Please see our article on acupuncture for gallstones.


Throughout the body all things needed by the body that are created by the body, are made better faster in greater numbers when an extra modicum of support is added to the energy matrix(s) surrounding and with in the body. I suggest also research herbal and natural remedies. I believe and have confidence that a dissolve of a stone like deposits in the GB) must have a solvent like apple vinegar or something it works for so many things. just saying a suggestion like (gout) it is a excess of a certain aced but it can be neutralized likewise what ever GB stones are made of must have a natural solvent any way&#39 a (light) Belly massage working the hands in small to large circles left then right, ascending, transcending & descending Collin massage. Keep the hands activated by squeezing fist & flicking fingers out from under thumbs learn the (Mudras)/divine gestures, Reiki-touch etc. Be more devoted Good luck. Like grand master Daved Harris on youTube does,-put things in motion so that they keep on moving and working long after the “sacred encounter” of the massage or wellness session itself has happened!

Live learn prosper in God everyone!

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