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Pituitary tumors

Hello, thanks a lot to be here and having the posibility to ask some questions. I would like to know if there is a protocol for pituitary tumors with good results, I mean with reabsorption of the tumors. The cortisol level is high, the growth hormone is low, gynecomastia, dry and red eyes, 1 ischemic episode with a small lesion, incapacity to lift weights (max 6-7 kg) without neurological symptoms like paraesthesia with ischemic aspects.
Thanks a lot to all of you

Are you looking for potential acupuncture approaches? Herbal? Both? Are you are practitioner? If so, what is the patients diagnosis in TCM terms?

Hello and thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I’m not a practioner, I start learning about it few months ago, there is only a ‘‘classic’’ diagnosis … not yet translated in TCM terms. On internet I found different protocols related to this problems … and I would like to have more opinions and also a protocol that works … thank you very much

There are no fixed protocols that work for any condition/issue in Chinese Medicine. The entire value of the medicine itself is the infinite tailorability to each individual based on the detailed diagnostic tools available to a fully trained practitioner. I would suggest you read “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” to better understand why your question as asked is fundamentally unanswerable.

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