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Pins and Needles / Neuropathy

I’ve always been an anxious person, but last month I’ve had an episode that was quite severe and I wonder if anxiety could have been the culprit. While liying in bed I’ve had a sudden onset of pins and needles in my arms and hands. Two days later my vission went blurry. Since then for the last month I continue to have mind tingling in my hands, sometimes in my feet and legs, a crawling sensation in my face and on top of my head - it is all very random. My doctors are at a loss, but they don’t think its MS, which is encouraging (they say my simptoms came on too suddenly and are too sporadic/diffused). I wanted pose this to your forum to see if TCM could have an answer for me? Other simptoms I’ve had for the last two years to pain a full picture: constipation, bloating, freaquent urination, anxiety, cold limbs, mood swings.

Anxiety can certainly cause these issues and, yes, that would be a commonly treated issue by a practitioner in your area. While I agree MS is unlikely, certainly vs. anxiety, it can present in many wildly different ways.

I would suggest you see an acupuncturist who also practices Chinese herbal medicine in you area, give them about 4-8 treatments and if you have seen no improvement at all (unlikely) and you are still having strong symptoms then I would push your MDs for an MRI.


Sorry that you’re going through this Dvryan. Chad’s advice sounds very good.

I’m not a healthcare practitioner, but I do have a couple suggestions I’d like to offer. One is to keep a journal of all of your symptoms, when they occur, possible triggers, what symptoms bother you the most, and any other details. That information can be useful to healthcare providers both Eastern and Western.

If you don’t get good results from acupuncture and herbal treatment, and your conventional doctors are still stumped, you might want to try going to a theater acupuncture treatment at an acupuncture school’s teaching clinic. These treatments are typically free, and you may get a more thorough examination from a faculty member. Most teaching clinics are closed now, but you might be able to get on a waiting list for when they reopen.

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Thank you, I appreciate the advice! I did find a TCM doctor and happy to report that after first ocupuncture session and drinking prescribed herbs I am feeling much better, I mean 90% better!! So happy I went. I was told I have heart qi deficiency. First time some of the needles hurt a lot. Today I went for a second session and all needles went in without any pain. I am so grateful. Thank you all for the amazing and important work your doing spreading the word and providing information to folks. Happy holidays!

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