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Piloniddle Sinus


I wish to know if Pilonidle sinus can be cured or controlled with acupuncture . please guide me

Pilonidal syst treatment
Tx protocol for pilonidal cysts

Pilonidle sinus and other types of cysts generally respond well to treatment, which could be a combination of acupuncture and herbal therapy. For pilonidle sinus in particular try to minimize the time you spend seated, make sure to clean the area daily, and pay attention to the type of fabric that is against the skin. Coarser or rough fibers against the skin there could agitate the condition.


Thanks Mr. Stephen,
can you please enlighten the treatment also, i.e. points and type of treatment
Thank you once again.


There are no set points for this or any other western diagnosed medical condition. You can read more about how points are chosen here. That being said, I’d probably use a few points that clear lower damp heat such as SP 9, and UB 39 along with local points in the style of ‘surround the dragon’. If you’re not familiar that technique is to simply put needles around the cyst/affected area but make sure not to puncture it.


Thank you very much. I will give you the feedback.
Thank you once again.


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