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Pigu Chi Gong Fasting

Hi, I am very interested in Pigu Fasting. Is it possible to buy the detailed text from you or have an online consultation to learn more about it?
Thank you!

We are currently out of stock, but the page to purchase that book from is here. When it is in stock, it will allow the you to purchase it - I would check back in in about 3 weeks as I think we have a order in now.

With regards to online consulting for pigu, no, that is not available. While there are basic ways to use the techniques, ultimately these are very high level techniques that require years of training in qigong, meditation, etc. under the direct supervision of a qualified master.

For laypeople the techniques are not too far off from keto diets, with the addition of more internal training instead of just the carb/diet restriction parts.

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