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Picture of my tongue+symptoms. Help appreciated


Hello everybody. I am Peter, 31 years old. I have been suffering from CFS

almost 2 decades now. It is al caused by undiagnosed celiac disease.

My symptoms now are:

-fatigue all day

-sleep 8 hours or more

-no libido, often erectile problems

-distended stomach. I am not fat, but I can see fat in the stomach, liver,kidney area.

It feels cold there.

-digestion is poor. I am very careful with my diet, but carbohydrates create

a lot of gass and burping.

I often feel cold, yet still I sweat easy. My skin feels warm. Whenever I do feel warm

I start sweating a lot. I can't retain the heat.

-I had a lot of stress years ago, not anymore. I am quite relaxed, but of course

the fatigue does give minor stress.

-When I exercise, I sweat so much, my hear rate stays very high even hours

after the exercise. My body cannot relax. Because of this i can't build muscle.

-I tried hydrocortisone, it helped, but I needed very high dosage, so I stopped.

Tried licorice for this as well and the first day I drank the tea I woke up in the

night and I had so much energy, I swear I could see my teeth being thicker.

Next day came the crash!! Yohimbe also gave me energy for just one day

and second day crash and a lot of urinating.

I did try some herbs in the past that were immune strenghteners and were

yang. I thought I feel cold and fatigued so I should try increasing yang. There

was one herb that was yin, it gave me this very relaxed feeling, but it was like

coldness was going through all of my veins. I stopped using it.

O yeah there was one tablet that contained a mix of herbs, ginseng

and european herbs they were I think. First day I tried it, I felt so so good,

incredible. Second day everything back as it used to be.

After some more reading, kidney yin deficieny makes some sense because

i have cortisol issues. It seems that anything that increases energy for me

only lasts 1 day at the most. Creating energy is yang I think, but it needs yin,

so perhaps I am low in yin all the time and increasing yang only give a very

short increase in energy and then the yin decreases even more and there is

also no increase in energy anymore as the yang needs sufficient yin?

Anyway I would appreciate any help very much.

Here is a picture of my tongue:


You have teeth mark very clear, this mean spleen deficiency. Sweating is because spleen deficiency can not move out body liquid through channels, so the most of body liquid sweat out of skin, and sweat will cause body energy exhaust cause fatigue. Your tongue is red and white coating, looks normal, little swollen also is mean spleen deficiency, spleen weak cause stomach function unnormal cause digest problems with gas and burping. Acupuncture points: St36, Sp9, St25, Sp15, Ren6, 12, 17, Pc6, Lu7, Li4, Lv3, Si3. Herbal formula: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang(5pills/daily) + Shen Ling Bai Zhu San(5pills/daily).


Dear Mr Feng Mei many thanks for the reply. I will study your reply very thoroughly.

I forgot to add that my bilirubin levels are sometimes too high and I have problem digesting fat. So my liver is affected.My doctor told me my liver is slightly enlarged. I think it might be little bit fatty liver. Also sir whenever I eat dairy products, I notice a lot of slime that I must spit out.

Do you think that Ashwagandha might help me? I used it in the past and it is the only herb that I have ever used that kept working even after many weeks. I became more confident with ashwagandha, more energy. I noticed I could really look into people&#39s eyes whereas usually I don&#39t do that.

Are chinese herbal formula pills usually gluten free? I think I saw many formulas of the brand name &#39&#39Great Wall&#39&#39, but never could I read anything about possible allergens.

Thank you again.


What is your bilirubin level? Do you have white color bowel movement? You may need go to M.D. to check your Liver function. And you have a lot of phlegm to spit, it is also spleen deficiency. Ashwagandha only can give you energy, I don&#39t think it will resolve your problem. So basic on this new condition, you can not take Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang pills. You may take Shen Ling Bai Zhu San 3pills/3times/daily.


My bilirubin level was some times normal, some times slighltly over maximum. Doctors could not figure out why after many tests. ALAT ASAT were always normal. They concluded &#39&#39Gilbert syndrome&#39&#39 and it requires no treatment. All my organs have been tested, nothing dangerous or so, but liver slighltly enlarged and the lungs is slightly tight because of phlegm. Doctor says is nothing dangerous, but he can&#39t help me. I think the energy around the lungs and digestive organs is very low.

Yes my stools are usually very light in colour, yellowish(fat malabsorption), which is a sign of low bile output, but sometimes the colour is very dark and no fat at all. My gall bladder can work fine, but maybe the spleen deficiency affects the gall bladder. Doctor checked gall bladder and liver, nothing to see, but liver slighlty enlarged. I notice that when I eat much carbohydrates my stools get very light, but when I eat much protein, the stools get darker. I need a herbal formula that really stimulates digestion.

When I was child, I had a lot of acid reflux, doctor gave me medication for this. I am pretty sure the acid reflux was caused by celiac disease, but we did not know back then. The acid reflux medication stopped the reflux, but now without the acid for digestion, it made digestion very bad. I think the acid reflux which I took everyday for years caused maybe spleen deficiency?

I forgot to say that my chest area is quite big. I am medium size, but need to wear Large clothing otherwise it gets too tight around the chest area. It might be that genetically my chest is bigger, but maybe Qi around the chest is stuck or something?

I think this is what happened in my situation. I had celiac disease from birth, but doctors did not diagnose it. I got acid reflux badly and they gave me medication to stop acid. The acid deficiency affected my spleen and liver. I read stomach acid is very import for the liver and galbladder to release bile. So because of this I got low energy, fatigue. The fatigue caused me to be nervous. Later in life I got a lot of stress(family issues) and fear. In TCM I think fear and stress affect the liver, correct?

I always tried to give my maximum in life, overachiever and when I was 23 in University I could no longer do it. I stopped. I think my body energy(yin, jing?) has been depleted and maybe because of the spleen deficiency I cannot replete this energy?

Sir do you think doing abdominal exercises will strengthen spleen,stomach, liver and gall bladder?

Many thanks again for the help, very much appreciated.


Stool dark color is better than light color, you need eat 1 or 2 eggs at breakfast every morning to make your stool darker color. Your Liver function unsteady also is spleen deficincy in TCM. Just keep Shen Ling Bai Zhu San for 3 weeks, and do something to make you happy everyday, for example: some exercise(not too strong). keep spit out the phlegm, don&#39t swollow it, and you need drink enough clear water to tonify your body liquid, specialy on every morning, noon and evening each time 1 cup of water, it will help your bowelmovement and urination go smooth also.


Thank you again Mr Feng Mei. I will do the things you listed.

I have done some more reading and I see that chinese bitters like &#39&#39Chai hu and &#39&#39 Long dan cao&#39&#39 for my poor liver and gall bladder?

Yesterday I tried some herbs I had at home for spleen function. I tried cumin, ginger, red paprika, cayenne powder, man this made my middle so warm, I got pressure in the chest area. My blood pressure got high. I think I will try adding black pepper as well, but not sure I think this combination is perhaps too yang. It was like the energy in the middle was stuck, did not go up and down. Perhaps ren shen or huang qi might help. I took vitamin C and that calmed me down.


The Chinese herb is medicine too, so it will has side effective even toxic, please don&#39t take separate herbs by yourself, it may dangerous!

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