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Photophobia and acupuncture


I believe that acupuncture can help treat photo phobia. Can it also work on a patient with albinism


Acupuncture would be used to limit some of the affects of albinism certainly with regards to the common vision issues that may arise. How you would approach this would depend greatly on the underlying diagnosis from a TCM perspective and what level of problems the person has.


We are using light therapy, magnet therapy and laser acupuncture. Nystagmus is 80% improved. What approach do you suggest?


I would need to know the patients diagnosis from a TCM perspective to be able to aid you further. That said, if you’ve seen an 80% improvement already, just keep what you are doing. It would be hard for me to guide you directly as you are not practicing acupuncture per se, but with a more clear diagnosis I might be able to offer some suggestions if you cannot get any further responses with time.

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