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Phantom Pain from amputation


I have been asked to treat a patient who has a bilateral below the knee amputation, all digits on the left hand are amputated and partial amputation of thumb and index finger on the right hand. His experience is that his feet are present at the ends of his stumps and that they are burning with sharp pain. This contributes to severe insomnia wherein he is unable to fall asleep until 6AM.

I am an acupuncture student but he has no trust in others to provide treatment. I have advised him that I would seek answers from others who have treated similar problems.

Many thanks in advance!


Please always search before posting... (Previous phantom limb discussion).


The points for Phantom pain of amputation: Yin Tang, Ren17, Ht7, Pc6, Sp6, St36, Li4, Lv3, Ashi points on the good limbs same points, the end tip of amputation limbs.


This patient has bilateral amputation so use ear acupuncture pts representing lower limbs but you need to make tcm pattern diagnosis eg if patient diabetic may have kidney yin def the treatment of which then may alleviate both burning limb pain and insomnia.


I am so grateful for your help. Your input is valuable and makes perfect sense.

Best wishes,



I have assessed the patient and did find what I believe to be a kidney yin defeciency. Your in put is most helpful and I will put it to good use.

thanks so much,



Thank you, Chad, for the help in maneuvering this forum. I did do a search, but my terms weren&#39t exactly right and I wasn&#39t able to pull up the previous posting. I have since done a search with "phantom limb" and found the information. Also, others have been helpful.

I love this site and the forum especially. Thanks! Keep up the good work!


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