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Persistent Warts on my hand

I have persistent warts on my hand. Can TCM help? What acupressure should I do? I bought 苦篸子 grind it on my own with sesame oil apply it for almost 2 weeks. Do you think it will help? Is there any food I should avoid to eat? Does drinking and eating Chinese barley helps or how about 金银花and菊花does it helps? Do I miss out anything that I can help with my hand warts? Please HELP me. thank you

TCM overall can help, most certainly, acupressure will probably not accomplish much however. I would suggest you find a practitioner in your area who practices both acupuncture and herbal medicine. Long story short, chronic warts is an internal problem that needs to be dealt with internally with proper herbs, acupuncture and/or dietary change - but what is right for you would have to be tailored to your individual circumstances which only a practitioner can do (see “how to choose a formula” for some of the basics on that).

In most cases you would avoid damp-heat foods, but there are ways to have warts arising from pure deficiency, in which case more tonifying foods is appropriate - which would make people with the other diagnosis worse - hence the importance of diagnosis of the underlying causes in Chinese Medicine terms.

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