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Persistent pain in SI3 after needling



i have a persistent pain exactly in SI3 in my left hand since i put a needle there about a week ago. the pain is of stinging character and it only occurs when i rub this point or when i voluntarily put pressure on it or accidently knock or press it against anything hard, e. g. when sitting at my desk with my hands resting on the table. apart from that there is nothing peculiar about this point, it does NOT feel warm, it is NOT red, it seems perfectly normal, excpet from this funny pain. any suggestions how to get rid of it?



It may Qi and blood stagnation on Si3 area, use heat lamp 15 minutes distance warm that area daily then put on pain killer patch(if any) will help.


SI 3 is one of the easier areas to cause nerve irritation/damage from too deep and/or improper needle placement. Somehow you caused some nerve or tissue damage in the area. It should clear up on it&#39s own in time. To help speed this process, Feng&#39s suggestions would be appropriate or simply some massage through and around the general area a couple times per day. A pain patch could also be helpful, but it will probably clear with massage and time.

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