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Peripheral vascular disease (PVD)


I have a couple of patients with peripheral vascular disease and it’s been though to treat
Has anyone or there treated PVD with success? With acupuncture and/or herbs? I would really like to know how you did it. My patients thank you.


First you have to start with figuring out whether you are dealing with functional (i.e. stress related, reynauds, etc.) PVD or organic (i.e. from diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.). Either way, then you stand back, use proper TCM diagnostic criteria and treat what you see - more or less completely forgetting the western diagnosis which is functionally useless in Chinese Medicine terms - even in western medicine for that matter as PVD is more of a result than a cause or a thing within itself.

So, yes, all of the underlying issues that can lead to PVD are treatable within Chinese Medicine, but the treatment needs to be aimed at the causal factors and the root diagnosis, not the eventual symptoms.


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