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Patterns of disharmony


Does anybody know where the patterns of disharmony have gone for each official/organ? It seems to be more sympton related on the website now rather than Kidney Patterns, Liver Patterns etc.


All of the tcm diagnostic patterns pages and under the "theory" menu above and then "tcm pattern dx". There is also another subset under "theory" and click on "chinese (tcm) acupuncture".


O.K. thanks but the basic search used to work on all of these and does not now. In the past if you just put e.g. Kidney Meridian disharmonies in the search or, any other organ/official before the words Meridian Disharmony it would come up with the relevant page but now comes up blank. Having used the site for many years its latest edition separates everything out rather than just stick to Patterns of disharmony by organ/official which is standard TCM prcatice. If you look on the page link that you provided under, " Chinese TCM acupuncture" there is only Stomach listed under yang Organs.


First, the site hasn&#39t changed in 2-3 years in any significant way. The stomach meridian disharmony is the only one of the yang patterns on that particular page that&#39s ever been done.

For searching, our server was just moved between facilities and it seems our search tool is temporarily not functioning. That should be fixed today.


The old site&#39s search facility was very easy to use. I used to be able to get results on most searches. The new site (even if it is several years old) is obviously on a bigger bandwitdth etc., but the search facility often yields no results. If you put in the search the word, Heart, the Heart Meridian Disharmonies come up 5th in the list, however, if you put Heart Meridian Disharmonies - TCM which is the document title the search does not yield a result. I&#39ll try it in a few days and see if the basic organ name + Meridian Disharmonies works. Thanks for your help.

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