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Patient with Breast Cancer


Hi All,

I have today discovered that a close friend of mine has been diagnosed with Breast cancer, the involvement of surrounding tissue is still awaiting biopsy. She called me and asked if I could help as a TCM practitioner; of course I would bend over backward to help, but I lack real experience of this condition. Does anybody have any guidance or information to help me.


Check out Tai Lahans book, Integrating Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care. It does a good job of describing different pathological presentations of various cancers and her proposed treatments from a TCM perspective. There is also lots of references to herbs and herbal combinations for specific cancers.


Please look into Tong Ren Healing.

It is available for free in teleconference calls and webcasts and is easily self administered.

Dave G.


The first step is to forget the cancer part of the equation initially. Treat what you see using all of the tools of Chinese Medicine and nothing more. With breast cancer there is often LV Qi Stagnation and/or Dampness, but there are other underlying patterns. Start with the basics and don&#39t treat "cancer", treat the "person". This is true for nearly every condition and will rarely lead you astray whereas chasing after symptoms or secondary effects of underlying imbalances will almost never get you where you need to be.

That said there are some points that we add specifically for breast cancer in addition to whatever you would use to remedy the persons underlying pattern. And these points are the same whether we are using acupuncture, tuina, or as Dave mentions above Tong Ren which is an energy healing system we use that I&#39ve written about to you specifically previously (click the Tong Ren menu button at the top bar for more information).

If you click on the "breast cancer" link that was automatically created below your post you will find articles, techniques, etc. that relate to treatment (still under production). Within that page you will also see the tong ren therapy protocol for breast cancer (or you can click that title) which has the points we very often use.

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