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Patient Has Numb Tongue


I have a patient with a numb tongue.She said it feels like when you get numb from dental work. I looked up the symptom in Giovanni Maciocia’s Tongue Dx book and he says it’s either Heart Blood Deficiency since the heart blood isn’t reaching the tongue.Another book I have said it’s heart excess. I haven’t seen her yet so I don’t know the color of the tongue yet before I can make a dx. Any opinion or information is greatly appreciated.Thanks


I would wait until you actually see the patient and treat them a couple times before looking for opinions. Never take one sign and drive it into a diagnosis. Once you see the patient do a full intake and see what you think is happening in TCM terms and only then, factor, in their specific issue. A numb tongue could be from digestive weaknesses, from cervical issues, from teeth grinding (stress), etc. - it should be more obvious once you see the patient.


She is a patient of mine. She has Sp/Ht Bld Def. But what’s interesting is she has Rosacea with very red face and big pus nodules


So is the tongue numbness new? - and for what duration now? How long have you been treated the patient and what has resolved and what hasn’t?

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