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Patent's or Formulas for Severed Patellar Tendon (Acute)


A friend of mine just got out of the hospital for a severed patellar tendon.

Any formulas or patents that I can recommend to him to speed up the recovery?


In nearly every case I would use the patent we have in our store, Jin Gui Die Da Wan. Theoretical information can be found by reading about Die Da Wan from the "invigorate the blood" section of our tcm formula database. Acupuncture would also be advised.


I recommend "Qi Li San"(七里散) for your friend. And "She Xiang Zhi Tong Gao" pain killer patch.


To the above recommendations I would add any kind of bone soup (beef neck, beef knee) if patient is not vegetarian, it is going to have a lot of the nutrients need for tissue repair. Cook the bones for 4 to 6 hrs. then he can remove the bones and use the broth to make a soup. To the soup he can add dark leafy greens (kale is a good one), turmeric and ginger ( anti-inflamatory), and any other vegetables high in silica. Hey! Papaya and pinapple smoothie for breakfast to add some enzymes.

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