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Patellar Dislocation


Hey guys, I am looking for any experience or suggestions on treating patellar dislocation. I have treated once before with decent results, but I would still appreciate some help on this. Otherwise, I use points in the quadriceps with Pai Ci from Heding to about 4 cun proximal. Points on the patellar ligament, Xiyan, and other relevant points around the knee plus points based on TCM differentiation. Also, I have the patient use a rolling pin on the muscles of the quadriceps at home (preferrably having another person do this) to smooth out areas of tightness or adhesion.

Thanks for any help you can give.


For joint dislocation problem, I believe use herb wine Tuina Chinese Massage will more effective than acupuncture, in China we call "Gu Ke"(bone problem) Doctor who can do the professional treatment of this kind problem.

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