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Submitted By: kupy


What do you think the best way to treat parotitis (left sided).

Tongue is swollen, red, middle scratch that little bit continues to lung zone, white coat at posterior zone (Kid).

Pulse is quikly, wiry, very strong.

Thaank you a lot.


Parotitis, or salivary gland infection, should be treated just like any other infection in the body. Herbal Medicine, such as Yin Qiao, is often useful. Acupuncture wise you would focus on the appropriate pattern such as lu wind-heat, lu wind-cold, for example.

Points that may be helpful would be LU 10, LU 7, LI 2 - most applicable points are listed either on the TCM pattern pages above, or on the sore throat treatment page near the bottom. From the Tam Healing System we would also use acupuncture and tuina massage on sky window points such as SI 17 and then we would use the huatuo points of T1, T2, T3 (bone marrow, thymus gland and lung/lymph system - collectively the immune system).



I used stimulation of earth and tree elements and TW meridian. My explain,

1. Salivary is dump + swelling of gland - earth

2. On the diagnostic it was a swelling of the opening of parotid duct - earth.

3. From diagnosis I thouth that is stone stucked in the duct, so I used Tree element for moving Qi.

4. Because of inflamation in the head area and way of TW meridian throu parotid gland I used TW 20.

Points that I used: SP2, SP6, ST41, ST5, LIV1, LIV3, TW20

About 10 hours after the treatment, patient called me to say that duct has opened and swelling is almost gone.

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