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Parkinson's Disease treatment?


Hi Everyone,

first post and I'd like to say that this is a really good site for information.

I'd like to ask if anyone knows what points (TCM, body, auricular & reflexology) are used in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease. I had a treatment 5 years ago (before I was diagnosed) while on holiday and I was told by the acupuncturist that I could self-stimulate the Pituitury gland point on my big toe (is there an ear point?). This helps a lot but I was wondering if there are any more recommended points to use?

Many thanks,



If you click on the parkinsons link that was automatically created below your forum post you will be taken to our parkinsons treatment page (still much to do there). But there is an article describing how we view and treat parkinsons in that section - or you can click here. I hope you will find it very helpful.


Parkinson&#39s disease is the pattern of Liver yang up with kidney ying deficinecy, use ear point for self stimulate "alertress" can calm down liver yang energy.


Parkinson&#39s disease is because of Liver Yin deficinecy and Liver wind up, the treatmen proposal is tonify liver yin and calm down liver wind, Points: Lv3, Kd3, Ub23, Kd1, Du20, Sp6, Pc6, Gb31. Herb formula is "Liu Wei Di Huang Wang".


My view is that Parkinsons correlates with a lack of chi in the areas of the brain that control motor function. Acute care treatment starts with relaxing the entire foot, then one would focus on treatment of the big toe in particular, as well as all toes, the spaces between them, the inner edge of the arch and the upper area of the foot both top and bottom. This would correspond with key acupressure points, including the first, three shu-points of the leg meridians.

Reiki hands-on treatments usually incorporate the entire body, but would focus on the head as the primary area needing attention.

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