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Submitted By: Snooterp

I am a gun shot robbery victim, T11 T12 incomplete with 50% sensation, 50% movement. What exercise's or technics can you recommend to help strengthen my legs?


With something this serious you really need to consult directly with a professional - ideally an acupuncturist who is also well trained in tuina (Chinese Medical Massage). Not only can you really hurt yourself trying to figure these things out on your own, it is very difficult for us to give proper advice without seeing you personally.


If you already after best surgery treatment time, there is no way for treatment, the only way is to rehabilitate for more nearly normal feeling of nerve function, the nerve need blood to nurish help the feeling signal transfer in spine. try acupuncture, TCM Tuina and herb patches with self movement and breathing exercise, hope it will help.


Thanks much!


Will do!


Try herbal Patch: Jie Gu San(接骨散).

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