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Hi Chad,

I have a patient who is paralysised from the neck down.We havent got an mri scan yet as he had a pacemaker in.The pacemaker is switch off and he going for an operation in 25th Nov for its removal.We shall have the results of the mri scan then to see exactly the damage.
It is at C4- C5 where the disconnection comes from.It is now 3 years since the accident> He haslittle movement in shoulder area but nothing from the arms down.He can breath down into lungs and stomach area. We have been doing breathing exercises as there is a theory that he can bypass that section.Also I have done some cranial. The general strategy is nourish the kidenys regulate the qi and du channel and tonify blood. He is 23 years old his tongue is red with patches all over but it has reduced a little He also has no lines on his hands it has faded away why is that??he execerises 4 times aweek on special machines. He has a good spirit in the eyes. we are teaching him some mediation and visualisationI was wondering if you heard of the barrier method?? Could you explain it to me and also if you could suggest a treatment plan or anything that could be useful to us. There is a lady that plays the crystal bowels(vibration) while the needles are in . Thank you Lyns


To start it would be helpful for you to indicate what points you have been using, your reasoning, and why you feel it isn't working satisfactorily. The system of acupuncture I use is fairly different from standard TCM, so if I can understand what you are doing within TCM terms, what points are being used, and what is improving and what isn't I can give a more precise answer.

In general I would say to use the following perhaps in conjunction with whatever points you are using - GV 20, GB 20, SI 16, SI 17, huatuo of T1, T2, T3, T4, TH 5, LI 11.


Thanks for the quick reply. i have been using the back Huatojiaji points only once as he is uncomfortable in that position as he has cather.and use eletroacupuncture 100hz the skin was rippling nicely but he does like that position . So I have to use frontal points.Si 3 opens governing vessel good for neck, Li4 with Lv 3 reduces spasm and pain, nourishes yin. activates qi and blood.Ren 4 nourishes kidneys restores collapse, Gb34 nourishes blood and yin.,St 36 clears fire revives yang tonifies blood, St 33 dispels wind and good for paralysis, st 35 , calf nose dispels wind and good for paralysis, Sp 6 regulates kidneys, liver spleen stomach. St41 Clears heat from stomach calms spirit and good for paralysis, st39 moves si qi and transforms stagnation good fro lower paralysis. Bl 60 clears heat strenghtens lumbar spine, lu7 regulates water passages opens conception vessel.St 40 transforms phelgm from heart calms spirit The session are going fine but i was wondering if i am using to many points?? I have had 8 sessions with him his pulses some days are up and some days down the same with his tongue sometimes its pale pink red and then it can be sorching red. i just feel that maybe I could use less points and what combination of points would be best and this is my first time dealing with such a case. I see him twice a week. also why are is fingerprints missing?? Thanks lyns

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